3 Keys to Global Instructional Design

I believe that this blog post discusses the importance of using global awareness in designing lessons for our students because we are in an age of being able to go to the web to learn most anything. The author talks about the importance of setting up Personal Learning Networks (PLN) and Personal Learning Environments (PLE) and all of the technological developments that are available to assist you in accomplishing this for your professional growth. She also discusses becoming a blogger and having social presence in order to learn. I feel that this is something that would greatly help me, but as many teacher say, “When do I have time for that?” I hope that as this class develops we will make time to develop our social presence and learn how to blog professionally so that we can learn and create effective instructional design for all of our classrooms that continues after the course is over.

Joan McCullough

Instructional Design is defined as: The process by which instruction is improved through the analysis of learning needs and systematic development of learning materials. Students across the United States want to know each day at school, “When will we ever use this?” and “Why do we have to know this?” They’re both age-old questions, to say the least, and I think it is about time that we empower students to have more flexibility when it comes to their own learning.

With that said, in order to show students how to do so, I charge teachers to model digital competencies that span beyond the confines of the my documents folder on their respective devices. Those of us  who understand this concept have begun to approach instructional design from a broader perspective. Global awareness is trending in education, and we must prepare our kids for success on many levels. Learning is taking place at very rapid rates…

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