My Learning Network

This mind-map that I created at MindMup gives the viewer a basic idea of the interactions that I have on a weekly basis in order to learn. When I began to consider the different things that I learned from, the first thing that hit my mind was the internet. I often google search related topics to find information and I often prefer video learning over reading so I go to YouTube to see what they have to offer. I often go through the scholarly article sections on the internet or professional type blogs. Because I still have some of my old books from prior classes, I will sometimes refer to them when a topic spurs my memory of something I had read in one of my books. Sometimes I will ask a couple of my fellow teachers about a topic to see what they think or know about a subject. Sometimes they can give me some good insights and direct my attention to other related topics that matter according to the subject at hand. I also learn a lot from my fellow classmates through our weekly discussions and chats that we have about weekly learning topics. I usually get the most from this environment, because it is the most interactive for me.

The new connections that I have made with my classmates helps me to answer questions. Otherwise, I revert to asking my fellow teachers at my school. If I don’t feel satisfied with those avenues, I will then pursue asking my professors. I feel that my personal learning network supports connectivism by making different connections that I can draw information from. Once I have made the connections in my mind and found the information useful I place it in memory to serve me as I continue to learn and create lessons.


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